The package is available from the public PyPi. Install it using the following command:

pip install --upgrade cerebrium

You can verify your installation by running cerebrium --help in your terminal. If you do not get any output but you can run import cerebrium` in Python, ensure pip is on your path.

If you have trouble installing the package, please contact the team immediately!

Login to your Cerebrium account

Run the following command:

cerebrium login

This should open up your web browser to the Cerebrium dashboard. If you have not created an account, please sign up otherwise if you are already logged in it should authenticate automatically and you should be able to return to your terminal. You should get the following success message.

✅ Logged in successfully
Current project context set to p-12345

You will see it prints out your current project - think of this as your working environment. In the top left of your Cerebrium dashboard you can create multiple projects, such as a dev and prod environment for your application with different apps, secrets etc. You can see your projects using:

cerebrium project list

and switch your working environment using

cerebrium project set p-xxxx

Awesome! Let’s start creating ML-based applications