Our goal is to help companies create value through machine learning as quickly and as painlessly as possible by abstracting away a lot of the complexity and mundane infrastructure setup.

Sagemaker is feature rich, so we are developing the most requested functionality weekly based on your feedback. You can send us feedback requests at support@cerebrium.ai

How we do this

  • We abstract away all of the complexity around infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about CPUs/GPUs, Kubernetes, queues, monitoring, scaling etc. We take care of this to create a robust and seamless developer experience.
  • We try to implement the latest research towards your model as best we can in order for you to deliver the best experience to your users. We automatically implement quantization, LoRA, pruning and many more techniques to get your model to run faster and cheaper without sacrificing performance.

Our users favorite features

  • <30 second cold-start times
  • Wide variety of GPUs
  • Automatic scaling from 1 to 10k requests in <15s
  • Define pip/conda container environments
  • Secrets manager
  • One-click deploys
  • Monitoring tool integration
All of this in just a few lines of code!

To get started, head to our installation page