Your Cortex model can be in one of several states at any given time.

Here’s what each status represents:

  • Active: The model is successfully deployed and available for use. If your model is sourced from a pre-built setup, it will immediately be in the active state.

  • Cold: This state indicates that your model is ready and can be called but will take a few seconds to start up.

  • Deploying: The model is currently in the process of being deployed. During this state, your model is not available for use.

  • Starting: Your model has been built and is now starting up, none of the replicas are ready yet but should be soon.

  • Deleted: This status signifies that there is no deployment associated with the model, which usually means the model has been removed.

  • Unknown: This state is assigned when the model’s status cannot be determined, which could be due to an issue with retrieving deployment details.

Remember, the deployment and startup time is proportional to the model size (including dependencies). For lightning-fast deployments, start-ups, and scale-ups, keep your model as small as possible!

When you navigate to your Cerebrium dashboard and click on the Models tab, you will be able to see the current state of your models.

Build Statues are related to but not the same as Model Statues. Build Statuses indicate the state of your model’s deployment during the deployment process. Model Statuses indicate the state of your model’s deployment after the deployment process is complete. For more information on Build Statuses, refer to the Build Status page.

If you encounter an ‘Unknown’ status or you would like to know more, please reach out to us on Slack, Discord or